Byamba competed in sports since childhood. By age 15, he had national junior titles in judo, sambo, and Mongolian wrestling.

Japanese Grand Champion, Onokuni, visited Mongolia, to scout new talent. After extensive tryouts, he invited one young man -- Byamba -- to join his professional sumo team in Japan!

Young "Daishochi" (Byamba's Pro Sumo fighting name) adapted to the lifestyle quickly. He won a divisional champion title in Pro Sumo at age 16, and by age 18, he was the top-ranked fighter on his entire team!

After leaving Pro Sumo, he began his global entertainment career at age 21, appearing in a Hollywood film. From 2006 - 2019, he appeared in over 500 TV shows, movies, commercials, print ads, new clips, and in over 800 live events, all over the planet (in 28 countries), making him the most prolific sumo entertainer in the world!

At the same time, he continued to compete and succeed at the highest levels of international sumo competition. During 13 years competing in the US Sumo Open, he had 110 wins and only 7 losses against strong international opponents.


Byamba spent five years in Japanese Pro Sumo. Through intense daily training, he attained great international success. His prowess included:

  • Exceptional Strength -- remarkable weight lifting ability
  • Astounding Flexibility -- full leg splits, with face on the floor
  • Remarkable Balance -- slow leg lifts, balancing on one leg while leaning
  • Tremendous Stamina -- training for hours daily, without breaks
  • Shocking Speed -- sumo charge off the line is lightning fast
  • Solid Fitness -- when he was 350 lbs, body fat was 11%!

Stats: 6'1" (184 cm), 365 lbs (165 kg)
Skills: Sumo, Sambo, Judo, Mongolian Wrestling, Horseback Riding, Basketball, Surfing, Ice Skating, Golf, Cooking, Singing
Fluency:  Mongolian, Japanese, English


Byamba was conditioned by the pro sumo lifestyle – eating just two hearty meals a day.

His diet was highly nutritious, with plenty of protein and carbs, but low in fat and sugar. Despite weighing 365 lbs, Byamba's body fat percentage was around 15%, less than the average American. He was mostly muscle! Byamba based his nourishment on sumo tradition, which emphasizes fresh foods, high in nutrients and protein.

Byamba's intake centered around meat, chicken, fish, eggs, tofu and all kinds of vegetables. Of course, he added some rice or noodles for carbs, to keep on the weight. Just like with sumo training, Byamba knew the importance of handling the fundamentals.


Much of sumo cuisine centers around "chanko-nabe" (sumo hot-pot or sumo stew), which is as an excellent recovery food. This is wonderful to consume soon after exercising, as the rich stew is easily digestible, and chock-full of nutrients and protein to rebuild worn-down muscles.

Byamba mastered chanko from cooking it daily in his Pro Sumo days!


2019 All-Star Sumo Las Vegas, NV 12/4/19 bronze medal
2018 US Sumo Open Long Beach, CA 5/12/18 silver medal
2017 US Sumo Open Long Beach, CA 6/17/17 gold medal
2016 US Sumo Open Long Beach, CA 5/21/16 gold medals
2016 World Sumo Championships Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 7/31/16 silver, bronze medals
2015 World Sumo Championships Osaka, Japan 8/30/15 silver, bronze medals
2015 US Sumo Open Long Beach, CA 8/8/15 silver medal
2014 US Sumo Open Long Beach, CA 9/20/14 gold medal
2014 All Star Sumo Syracuse, NY 7/19/14 silver medal
2014 Sumo Championships Kaohsiung, Taiwan 8/31/14 bronze medal
2013 Sport Accord Combat Games St. Petersburg, Russia 10/18/13 gold medal
2013 US Sumo Open Los Angeles, CA 9/15/13 gold medals
2012 World Sumo Championships Hong Kong 10/28/12 bronze medal
2012 US Sumo Open Los Angeles, CA 9/22/12 gold medals
2011 Idaho Sumo Classic Idaho Falls, ID 11/5/11 gold medals
2011 US Sumo Open Las Vegas, NV 6/25/11 gold medals
2010 World Sumo Championships Warsaw, Poland 10/17/10 bronze medal
2010 Sport Accord Combat Games Beijing, China 8/28-29/10 bronze medal
2010 US Sumo Open Anaheim, CA 8/22/10 gold medals
2010 Sumo in Sin City Las Vegas, NV 5/21/10 gold medal
2009 US Sumo Open Los Angeles, CA 9/26/09 gold medals
2009 World Games Kaohsiung, Taiwan 7/17-18/09 gold medal
2009 Bulgaria Open Sofia, Bulgaria 5/22/09 gold medal
2008 Moscow Open Moscow, Russia 11/8/08 bronze medal
2008 World Sumo Championships Rakvere, Estonia 10/13/08 bronze medal
2008 Berlin Sumo Berlin, German 4/20/08 gold medals
2008 Hanover Sumo Hanover, German 4/12/08 gold medals
2008 US Sumo Open Los Angeles, CA 9/6/08 gold medal
2007 World Sumo Championships Chiang Mai, Thailand 11/18/07 gold medal
2007 Milano Sumo Open Milano, Italy 6/1/07 gold medal
2007 US Sumo Open Los Angeles, CA 4/7/07 gold medals
2006 World Sumo Championships Osaka, Japan 10/16/06 gold medal